Vitanica® Vitamin and Supplement Support Products for Menopause

Vitanica® seeks excellence in their formulations by including optimal dosages, superior choice nutrient sources and clinically scrutinized products for maximal therapeutic benefit. The product line is run in small batches to ensure the freshest products possible. The entire Vitanica® product line is vegetarian suitable with the use of plant based capsules.

Recommended Menopausal Vitamins and Supplements

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Women's Phase II ™ - Menopause Support Supplement

Womens Phase II Menopause SupplementProduct Description:
This pure botanical menopause symptom relief formula was Vitanica's flagship product. We are especially proud of Women's Phase II because this formulation proved effective in a double blind placebo controlled trial conducted at two of the naturopathic colleges. Each vegetarian suitable capsule includes: Dong quai root, Licorice root, Burdock root, Motherwort leaf, Wild Yam root.

90 capsules $15.95

180 capsules $24.95

Red Clover - Red Clover Extract Plus Supplement

Red CloverProduct Description:
Standardized extracts of red clover have shown positive research in the treatment of perimenopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats. We have selected the most common effective scientifically researched dose with the traditionally used red clover leaf and flower. Each vegetarian suitable capsule includes: Red Clover extract (8% isoflavones) Red clover tops.

60 capsules $17.95 $13.47

PhytoEstrogen Herbal ™ - Phytoestrogen Powder Supplement

PhytoEstrogen HerbalProduct Descriptio:
A totally unique and progressive powdered drink formulation that takes advantage of the many health benefits of a daily high intake of phytoestrogens. We utilize non-GMO soy and flaxseeds. Soybeans are the richest source of phytoestrogens, supplying the isoflavones genistein and daidzein. Flaxseeds are the richest source of lignans. Black cohosh, alfalfa, and red clover are well known medicinal herbs that also provide phytoestrogens. PhytoEstrogen powder includes: Flaxseeds, Non GMO (lignans 4.77 mg/gram, 35.83 mg. lignans), Soy protein, Non GMO (3% isoflavones, 42 mg isoflavones), Black cohosh root, Alfalfa leaf, Red clover leaf & blossom.

8 ounce jar $15.45 $11.59

Woman's Passage ™ - Menopause Support Supplement

Women's PassageProduct Description:
Woman's Passage was designed utilizing the latest science in herbal medicine to promote relief from perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Recent studies of hops extract, standardized to 8-prenylnaringenin, have shown potent phytoestrogen effects, favorably impacting hot flashes. Black cohosh and St. John's wort have also shown to be supportive. Each vegetarian capsule provides: Hops extract (standardized to 8-prenylnaringenin, aqueous ethanol extraction), St. John's wort extract (0.3% hypericin), St. John's wort buds (hypericum perforatum), Black cohosh extract (2.5% triterpene glycosides)

30 capsules $14.45

Black Cohosh - Cimicifuga Extract Plus Supplement

Black CohoshProduct Description:
Black cohosh is a popular Native American and traditionally used women's herb. The triterpene glycosides in the extract have been well researched in Germany for a broad range of menopausal symptoms. For the best of both worlds, we combine the studied standardized extract and traditionally used dried root powder. Each vegetarian suitable capsule includes : Black cohosh root and rhizome extract (standardized to contain 2.5% total triterpene glycosides, 1 mg), Black cohosh root.

60 capsules $14.45 $10.84

120 capsules $23.45 $17.59

Soy Choice ™ - Soy Isoflavone Extract Supplement

Soy ChoiceProduct Description:
Soy foods and supplements and other phytoestrogens are rapidly becoming the most important food item for women. Research on soy has repeatedly shown benefits to women in the areas of menopause symptoms, bone health, healthy cholesterol levels, and healthy breasts. Our soy product provides an unusually high 56 milligrams of isoflavones in each vegetarian capsule. Our soy is not genetically engineered. Each vegetarian suitable capsule includes: Non GMO soy protein extract (standardized to contain 15% isoflavones, 56 mg. isoflavones)

60 capsules $18.95 $14.22

HRT Companion ™- Hormone Replacement Therapy Support Vitamin/Supplement

HRT CompanionProduct Description:
HRT Companion is a complimentary product for those women taking either conventional hormone replacement therapy (cHRT) or natural hormone replacement therapy (nHRT). This formula provides nutritional and herbal supplementation to support the body. Each vegetarian capsule provides: Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate), Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate), Folate (as folic acid), Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), DIM (Diindolymethane), Phosphatidylserine, Garlic (10,000 ppm allicin potential), Flaxseed extract (20% Lignans SDG), Green tea extract (98% polyphenols, 80% catechins, 45% EGCG), Milk thistle extract (80% silymarin), Soy protein extract (40% isoflavones, 20 mg isoflavones)

60 capsules $28.95 $21.72

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