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Sweet Pea Productions Releases "Blitzed by Menopause: A Guy's Guide to Menopause"

First of its Kind DVD and Companion Booklet Mixes Humor and Medical Expertise to Help Men Better Understand their Menopausal Partners

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sweet Pea Productions, LLC, a video production company founded in 2008 by Portland actor Jan Brehm, has released its first product on DVD, Blitzed by Menopause, along with a companion playbook, Fair Play during Menopause. Together, they provide men with coaching on the complexities of understanding what menopause is like for their partners and how they can maintain and even strengthen their relationship during this often difficult time in a woman's life.

"We consulted with leading medical and relationship experts and put together a creative resource about menopause that both men and women can use to learn the facts, gain understanding and in a completely different-and more helpful-way," explains Brehm, whose real life story was the inspiration for the project.

The idea for her production company and Blitzed by Menopause came to Brehm, a well known actress and spokesperson, ten years ago as she entered middle age and began experiencing the onset of peri-menopause. She realized that her husband struggled to understand what she was dealing with physically and emotionally-and neither could most men. Brehm was personally motivated to use the skills she'd developed through her television work to create engaging and educational videos that would help couples gain an understanding about what their partners are going through during uncomfortable mid-life changes.

Blitzed by Menopause delivers an in-depth education and entertainment on three tracks. The first 38-minute segment introduces the topic of menopause using humorous spoofs and sports parodies to break the ice and defuse stigmas associated with the symptoms of menopause. In between laughs and levity, viewers learn from medical experts and relationship counselors how to compassionately support their partners and maintain a strong relationship.

Tracks two and three provide viewers with 90-minutes of in-depth information from medical experts. Dr. Tori Hudson, a naturopathic physician, author and renowned authority on natural healthcare for women, offers a balanced and engaging presentation called, "What's the Truth about HRT?" Dr. Hudson helps couples gain a greater understanding about what's known, what's safe, what are the options available today, and what's best for your situation and symptoms?

Relationship counselor Jerry Annand takes viewers into a real marriage counseling session where he imparts the importance of empathy and compassion, the assumption of goodwill toward one another and to not personalize another person's behavior. Blitzed by Menopause and its companion playbook, Fair Play during Menopause, is now available to purchase for $24.95 and can be ordered online at

About Sweet Pea Productions, LLC
Founded in 2008, Sweet Pea Productions, LLC, is a film production company that creates educational and entertaining DVDs and companion booklets to give families the tools needed to cope with the sometimes challenging life transitions and relationship issues, such as menopause, adolescence and caring for aging parents. The Portland, Oregon-based business is on a mission to help couples and families live, laugh and learn through some of life's most challenging transitions. Sweet Pea Productions accomplishes this by tackling the often stressful or sensitive family and health topics with humor, insight, and expert advice. Each DVD added to the collection -- released and branded to the consumer marketplace as Planet Sweet Pea -- will help couples and parents step into the others' world to better understand what their spouse, partner or child is actually going through physically, emotionally and mentally-and how they can support each other through the transitional period. Each story presents all sides of the story, giving everyone involved a sense of validation and a better understanding of each other, and to help solidify the relationships at a time when they are more likely to come undone.

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