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Sweet Pea Productions Presents: BLITZED by Menopause
A Guys' Guide To Understanding Her Menopause

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    "Menopause Illustrated lays out just how men everywhere can deal with this difficult time - and why a woman's issues with and feelings about menopause can't simply be 'fixed...' "
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    "Wow, this DVD may have just saved my marriage! Sounds a bit dramatic but I didn't understand at all what my wife was going through with this menopause stuff. It's not like I thought she was faking it..."
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    "All of this dvd had something important to offer husbands, boyfriends and significant others... All through it I kept saying 'see! see! that's me!!' and it gave him a great new perspective with no man bashing..."
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Welcome to the informative world of Planet Sweet Pea. It's here you'll learn to handle life's little bumps with a smile. The brainchild of actress Jan Brehm, Planet Sweet Pea incorporates humor, wisdom and smart medicine in a series of DVDs and booklets. Although we started with our Blitzed by Menopause DVD video, our products will cover most of life's trickier times. Consider us your launching pad for info on birth through teen dilemmas, and aging or aging-parent issues. Watch for a wide-range of upcoming life guides that help couples as they transition into mid-life. So please. Explore. Shop. And learn.

We are also happy to announce Planet Sweet Pea's first video: Blitzed by Menopause. A funny, irreverent guys' guide to women's menopause which includes important information regarding the latest in Hormone Replacement Therapy. It's the first in a series of educational DVDs from Planet Sweet Pea. The video is available for sale now and will soon be available in both streaming format or DVD package including the Fair Play During Menopause booklet. Watch the DVD video trailer here on our web site today.

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Menopause: One guy's perspective by Ron

Where to start?

My point of view is that of a guy whose wife has been dealing with perimenopause and menopause and all the gnarly symptoms that go with it. But just because it starts with the word "men" doesn't men we guys are terribly understanding. Read more from Ron.

Dr. Tori Hudson

A renowned author, speaker and educator, Dr. Hudson brings 24 years of training and compassion to our video and booklet. DR. TORI HUDSON, is a nationally recognized naturopathic physician and leading expert in Women's Health and Wellness as well as the medical director of A Woman's Time. Read more about Dr. Tori Hudson.

Jerry Annand

We are pleased to have had Jerry Annand contribute to our first video. JERRY ANNAND is a widely respected counselor specializing in helping couples understand and deal with complex issues in a loving, caring manner. Read more about Jerry Annand.

Feel free to submit your questions to Jerry.

Got Menopause? Check out our Symptom List

Dr. Tori Hudson has prepared a list of the top 35 signs and symptoms that women commonly experience during menopause.

Menopause Signs and Symptoms List

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An honest and funny look at menopause

Monday, May 11, 2009
Television interview on;
The View from the Bay.
ABC Channel 7 News
San Francisco.

BLITZED by Menopause

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