I Can Hear The Music But The Lyrics Have Changed

by Jan on March 9, 2016














Memories, all alone in the moonlight
I don’t know what I’m doing here, or why I came
All is fuzzy as I wander from room to room
Talking to myself, once again.

Daylight, I awake from my stupor
Wishing I could remember, what day is today
Who am I? What is my name and what do I do?
Let my memory please be renewed.

Everyday’s a new adventure of confusion and befuddlement.
I continue to mutter and my husband shutters
At our mid-life predicament.

Touch me, it’s so easy just read my lips
We’ll grow old together, you and I hand in hand
As we tread these unknown waters of mid-life and beyond
I’ll remind you hey, I’m your wife…


This little ditty came to me yesterday as I was walking from room to room talking to myself hoping to remember what I was doing and why I was there.

Mid life, menopause, whatever, my ability to recall has turned to mush. I even tied a string around my finger to remind me of something and minutes later looked at the string and wondered where it had come from and why was it there.

I write notes and lose them, even wore a mini tape recorder around my neck recording voice commands only to lose and/or erase them. I’ve tried making up songs, rhymes and word games to remember. Nope.

I used to be pretty articulate. Now, I cannot pull up the right word. Simple words like ‘consume’, ‘explain’ or ‘syndicate’. I come up with words like ‘castrate’, ‘extradite’ and ‘synopsys’. Well they start with the same letter anyway.

It’s all mid-life and menopausal maladies. Something many of us have to adapt to and work around. Finding humor and not taking things quite so serious is essential….

…except for when my husband leaves the water running and drains the water tank; or when I lock my keys and leave my car running, and after a couple hours of shopping, can’t find keys but find my overheated car. Only to realize I forgot to renew my AAA. Oh dear. You get the idea and I’m sure some of you more than others. Would love to hear your memory mishaps! Cheers!

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